Have you been struggling with your hearing recently?

Maybe you are experiencing partial to even full hearing loss?

If you suspect you may have some degree of persistent hearing loss, it may be time to visit an ENT consultant or specialist. Now do not be alarmed – many non-serious things can cause loss of hearing, but it is best to consult a professional when you feel something is just not right.

So what should you do when in fear of permanent hearing loss?
Do not panic.

That’s right, and excessive worrying will do you no good. Instead, read ahead on possible
issues that may be occurring and learn when to seek help from a professional.

This article will tell you:

How to tell if you have issues with hearing
– Possible causes of hearing loss
– Possible treatment techniques

How do I know if I’m losing my hearing?

Gradual hearing loss commonly occurs as you age. But there are cases where unexpected
hearing loss happens, and you just don’t know what steps to take.
When should you visit your doctor? Is my condition serious?

These are some questions we will be answering today.
Firstly, observe and identify the symptoms you are experiencing and jot them down. Usual hearing loss symptoms may include:
– Muffled sounds
– Difficulty understanding what someone else is saying, especially in crowded areas
– Trouble hearing consonants
– Frequently asking others to speak louder or slower

As a rule of thumb, it is time to seek medical advice if you experience any sudden loss of hearing. We recommend that those under the age of 40 who are experiencing hearing difficulties for the first time should visit their doctor to eliminate any underlying health issues.

Taking the first steps to address any hearing impairment is essential to taking good care of your ears.

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Possible causes and treatment of hearing loss

Hearing problems are treated based on the case and the severity of your condition. The best way to get ahead is to consult with a professional.

Here are some possible causes and treatment procedures that your doctor may decide to do:

One of the most common issues that come alongside sudden hearing loss is a wax blockage. An ungodly amount of wax build-up is seen after swimming or having too-dry ears. Some report getting wax blockages, after cleaning with cotton buds.

The procedure is simple; your doctor may refer you to an ENT specialist or an Audiologist for the removal of excess earwax. Here at Hearmore UK, we use the gentle micro suction method of wax removal. This will take less than 30 minutes to do.

The most common hearing loss is due to inner ear damage, hearing aids can be of great help. You can also discuss your options with an audiologist to fully understand the pros and cons of hearing aids.

Hearing aids are most commonly used as the inbuilt technology fitted within them reverts your hearing to as near natural a state as possible.

More alarming hearing loss cases can be treated with surgery, especially if it is due to an abnormality in the eardrum or bones. The most common instances in which surgical procedures are needed are when you have persistent ear infections with fluid.

The usual procedure is done by inserting a small tube that drains your ears of unwanted fluids.

If hearing loss is severe and hearing aids are no longer sufficient, a cochlear implant may benefit you. Speak with an audiologist and an ENT specialist about this option for a better understanding.

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