Once your hearing has been damaged, professionals are rarely able to get it restored. This is why one must avoid instances where your ears and hearing could be damaged as much as possible.
So what can you do if your occupation requires you to be around loud noises that can potentially damage your ears?

There are many ways to delay or even stop hearing impairment or hearing loss from happening especially as you grow older.

In this article, you will learn:

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Common causes of hearing loss

There are four leading causes of hearing loss or hearing impairment. Identifying the cost of hearing loss is an essential step in treating the problem.

Damage to your hearing may be due to:

For the best advice on what to do when faced with hearing loss, consult an audiologist for the most effective treatment program.

How can you avoid hearing loss

Hearing can rarely be restored. Here are some ways to prevent hearing impairment from happening in the first place.

Noise-related hearing loss

There is a misconception that only loud noises can cause hearing damage. But the truth is, the inner ear can still sustain significant damage if the noise is consistent enough, even if you do not feel pain.

A good rule to remember is if you need to shout to be heard to hear someone speaking, chances are in an environment that is too loud.

Avoid these loud sounds for protecting your ears through the following means:

Medication-related hearing loss

Certain types of medication are known to cause hearing loss. But it is important to remember that you must treat the more urgent medical matter first before thinking about hearing loss in this case. Although unavoidable, you should still consult your doctor on the possible measures that you can take to protect your ears.

The best way to do away with hearing loss is to take your medications as prescribed by your doctor and if there are any unusual symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.

Injury-related hearing loss

Unavoidable types of hearing loss may be the cause of hearing damages.

This is because something as traumatic as a head injury causes trauma to the temporal bones, which protect the middle and inner ears. So even a concussion could trigger hearing damage even though the skull is not broken.

To avoid injury related hearing loss, here are some tips you should follow:

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