Living with hearing loss is difficult in itself and without the support of loved ones, going through this situation is even harder.

Whether it’s your nan, mum, or even yourself suffering from hearing loss, it can result in tricky scenarios at all times. This can lead to frustrating moments and a lot of miscommunication.

So, as a friend or family member, how can you make it easier for someone dealing with hearing loss?

Here are some tips and lessons you may want to try, to help the next time a scuffle happens.

This article will tell you:

Supporting a loved one with hearing loss

Hearing loss can strain any relationship – making it essential to help take extra care of them before they deteriorate. Here are some ways to help.

Walk a mile in their shoes

The best understanding comes from living their experience.

We often take for granted normal hearing, that we then overlook the minor inconveniences those dealing with hearing loss may go through on a daily basis, especially if they have hearing aids.

The best way to come close to understanding their hardship is to try living as they do – without hearing. You’ll soon notice the behaviours that you can adjust to accommodate your loved one.

Another great way to form an understanding is to sit down and have a chat with them. Ask questions about how they go about their day, and you will start to see where and when they face difficulties. Just remember to be respectful when asking sensitive questions, so you don’t offend anyone in the room.

Behavioural changes you should make

Now that you know the things you need to alter, be sure to apply them in real life. Here are some ways you can make life easier for those dealing with hearing loss:

If you notice someone who has hearing loss, but they don’t know it yet, suggest visiting a specialist to get a hearing assessment or maybe even hearing aids.

Advocate for hearing loss

The best way to help is to enact change.

Is to talk to your loved one about the effect hearing loss is having on their life and to encourage them to have a hearing test. Hearing does not have to be hard work.

Know someone who might be suffering from hearing loss? Book an appointment with Hearmore UK?

If you find yourself in a situation where a friend or a family member might be suffering from hearing loss, be sure to let them know about the possible problem. If you think you are suffering from a form of hearing loss, it would be best to seek help from professionals.

Book a complimentary session with Hearmore UK to get a hearing assessment done.