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Vista DX Family

Our new Vista DX platform helps people move beyond the words with sound performance that enables better understanding of who is talking, where the voice is coming from, and what the underlying meaning is. It powers a lineup of ITEs, BTEs and RICs, led by Vista DX R Li ? our smallest lithium-ion RIC with proven rechargeable technology and made-for-all wireless connectivity. And you?ll love this: Vista DX adds flexibility to your days with Remote Adjust App ? an easy way to perform fine-tuning adjustments remotely.


Vista DX R

Vista DX R Li
For clients who want a small RIC device with 24/7 rechargeability and direct, made-for-all wireless connectivity
Vista DX R Li T
Our rechargeable RIC with all connectivity options available including telecoil
Vista DX R 312
For clients who want a 312 standard battery RIC device


ITE Custom Hearing Aids

Vista DX W 312 Dir
Our first ever custom instrument with direct, made-for-all wireless connectivity and full Soundscape Manager functionality
Vista DX 10A Omni
Smaller ITE models without connectivity for clients who value discretion above all

Unitron’s Mission

A world where everyone enjoys the delight of hearing and therefore lives a life without limitations

Unitron’s Vision

We foster a world in which there is a solution to every hearing loss and all people equally enjoy the delight of hearing. We aim to be the most respected hearing care company in the world and, as such, has a social as well as a business goal: help people hear the world by providing the most innovative technology, service-oriented dedication and by accepting responsibility for all of our actions

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