Has your sense of hearing been bad lately? Do you feel like you don’t hear things you normally would? Or maybe you’ve been having a difficult time calling the attention of a friend or loved one?

If you’ve noticed your hearing has gradually been deteriorating, taking a hearing assessment could be beneficial.

This article will tell you:

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When it’s time to get a hearing assessment done

Gradual hearing loss is typical amongst people over the age of 50. But there are instances where sudden hearing loss can happen at a younger age.

If you find yourself questioning how well you can hear, you can identify hearing impairment with the following symptoms:

If you observe any of these in your daily life, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a doctor or an audiologist. Even better, consult both.

What hearing assessments can tell you about your ears?

After scheduling an appointment, your doctor or audiologist will run a series of tests that will diagnose the problem, if there is one.

First, they will ask you for necessary health information such as age, habits or even your medical history. Be sure to mention the symptoms you’ve been feeling and get a good picture of what is happening.

Then it is time for the hearing assessment or test.

If you experience sudden hearing loss it is recommended you visit your doctor to ensure there are no underlying health conditions. Dependant on the outcome of your visit it may well be that he refers you to an Audiologist for further investigation.

Physical examination

The doctor will check for any foreign objects and obstructions such as earwax build-up at this stage. This will let the doctor know that the problem isn’t really with your ears, but something is blocking sound from coming in. Should the doctor feel it necessary, he will refer you to an ENT specialist or to seek an Audiologist.

Some doctors prefer the tuning fork test. They take a standard tuning fork and let it ring. This process can help the ENT specialist or consultant identify where the damage has taken place.

App-based screening

Audiologists will prefer to use an audiometer. It accurately tests to see the quietest sound you can hear while wearing a headset. This will diagnose the extent of your hearing loss, what sounds you struggle with and offer hearing solutions to lesson the impact hearing loss has on your life.

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