Getting old sometimes comes with certain complications. One of the most common being hearing loss. Often unavoidable, but rest assured, there are ways to combat hearing impairment at any age.

Studies show that 60% of 60 year olds, 70% of 70 year olds, and 80% of 80 year olds suffer with hearing loss. It is quite normal for hearing loss to happen in adults as we grow older and this is why patients in this age category should consider a hearing assessment every two years.

How can someone get a hearing assessment? How much would it cost?

In this article, you will learn about:

Hearing loss affecting the older generation

Hearing loss is both a physical and emotional struggle for anyone experiencing it.. Here are some ways older adults are affected by the inevitable loss of hearing.

The emotional impact of hearing loss

Many seniors experience getting cut off from loved ones or friends when they suffer from hearing loss.

The emotional toll of that experience could be devastating especially if they tend to be alone in the household. There are more problems that can stem from hearing loss on the emotional side of things that include:

The negative emotions that seniors feel can lead to a lot of miscommunication with family members as conversations can become tiring and frustrating for both parties.

The physical impact of hearing loss

The emotional impact of hearing loss may be attributed to the physical impact that hearing loss has on a senior citizen.

One of the most common examples is feeling stressed. This is especially prevalent in the older generation who may have ongoing health issues. Another example is that of feeling isolated and not being able to converse effectively with friends and family.

In these situations, the family needs to acknowledge the senior citizen’s loss of hearing and the stress that they feel that accompanies it.

What else can be done?

You might be asking “is putting up with the situation the only thing that a family member or loved one can do?”

Well No. There is more than one way to help out a family member go through hearing loss or hearing impairment without having to be stressed yourself.

One of the best ways to combat hearing loss even at an older age is by using hearing aids. The technology available within a hearing aid can revert one’s hearing to as near natural as possible, dependent upon the hearing loss present.

Some of the most popular brands of hearing aids on the market are:

They come in all shapes and sizes with various levels of technology tailored to suit your hearing loss.

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