About us

Having looked for hearing aids themselves, one of the directors found that she was getting so much mixed advice, that nothing made sense. All companies she went to told her different things about different manufacturers, it was hard to work out what was best.

After speaking to so many people it was decided to set up a new company, employ the best people, who were experienced and able offer all brands and types of aids.


Our Mission

Hear the World Around You! Effectively, professionally and passionately delivering informed and impartial solutions for hearing loss.

Hearmore UK Partners

Certified partners and organisations that we support.

Dementia Friends

Team Certification

Each of our Audiologists are classed as medical practitioners within their field and have to adhere and be registered to the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) which is the statutory regulator. In brief, the Council’s main purpose is to protect the public by setting and maintaining standards of proficiency and conduct within their field of work. Each of our audiologists have their unique membership number and registration.

We also insist that our Team are members of BSHAA, British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists, who seek to regulate professional and commercial standards through a code of practice and ensure that their members are enrolled in a programme of continuing education which maintains and develops their knowledge of the rapidly expanding field of hearing aid technology.

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